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Welcome to the Triple "E" Pool League

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If you are a location, team, or player that needs more information, click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page for directors info or please contact:
Alex at 780-288-7665.


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Our most valued resource is our people. Our commitment is to become the league of choice. If you are interested in joining our team.....

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It is our 26th Season!  

 Updated Schedules are posted. Click on to SCHEDULE . If you are having trouble viewing, please hit the refresh key.

Team and Player statisics are posted. Click on to STATISTICS .

Topshots Billiards is now open. Scheduled League matches will now be played at Topshots.

Please note that there have been changes to Wednesday Division #3 North, where Team #118 - Touchdown 8 Balls N' 2 Racks are no longer in the league. Teams in Wednesday Division #3 North and Monday Division #1 North should note that there is a TBA (Make-up Match) on the schedule. There will be no play on that night of play and make-up matches will be assigned shortly.

Please check out our new Facebook page at:

Also, check out our new online store for Triple "E" merchandise at: (jackets, hoodies, & caps).

Registration:  If your team missed the registration deadline, would like to join a team or need players for your team, please contact Alex at (780)288-7665.  We do have one spot available on Monday North Division #1.

 January 20th –21st, 2018 – Monday 2nd Monthly Tournament (click link- tourney day) - Register before 9:45am

Division # 1 @ Highrun- Jan 21st

Division #2 @ Topshots - Jan 20th

Division #3 @ Finnagan's - Jan 20th-

 January 27th – 28th, 2018 – Wednesday 2nd Monthly Tournament (click link- tourney day) - Register before 9:45am

Division # 1 @ Finnagan's - Jan 28th

Division #2 @ Topshots - Jan 27th-

Division #3 @ Metro - Jan 27th-

Monthly Tournaments

The winners from the Singles Tournament were:

Division #1- 1st – Orville Wanechko, 2nd – Ron Joseph Santos, 3rd – Usama Ghassan, 4th – Brendan Rost, 5-6th – John Shortreed & Cecil Cardinal, 7-8th – Jeremy Lesser & Jim Deen, 9-12th – Dave Mageau, Wes Schwab, Gerd Dittmann, & Allen Tegankamp, 13-16th – Dave Harback, Dustin Taylor, Dino Petterson, & Kent Nedula, 17-24th – Phillip Okemow, Chris Hunter, Darcy Youngchief, Wilf Hewlett, Leo Leahy, Peter Menzel, Eugene Tait, & Dale Christenson

Division #2- 1st – Graeme Purches, 2nd – John Varga, 3rd – Jeff St.John, 4th – Chester Andrich, 5-6th – Blaine Bilocerkowec & Mike Sander,7-8th – Al Calvert & Scott Smith,9-12th – Eric Shaheen, Elaine Maxwell, Irvin Louison, & Serge Kowalchuck, 13-16th – Rose-Marie Saunders, Nick Kolybaba, Alvin Hersey,& Nate Tricker

Division #3- 1st – Ryan Rywak, 2nd – Ken Shirt, 3rd – Guy Callihoo, 4th – David Ostopchuck, 5-6th – David Lochead & Jason McBride, 7-8th Dave Labbe & Antonio Diala

The winners from the 1st Monthly Tournament for Wednesday were:

Division #1 : 1st- Finnagan’s La Raza, 2nd- Casselwood Trolls, 3rd- Highrun FA Cues, 4th- Finnagan’s Crusaders, 5/6th- Metro Madness, 5/6th- Chimmey’s Outsiders

Division #2 : 1st- Finnagan’s Rack Em’ & Kiss Off, 2nd- Highrun Beatniks, 3rd- Casselwood Pooligans, 4th- Topshots Scottifiers, 5/6th- Brick & Whiskey Wanderers, 5/6th- Bonnie’s Dirty Hookers

Division #3 : 1st- Metro Chalk is Cheap, 2nd- JT’s Gus, Guys, & Gals, 3rd- Highrun Oddballs, 4th- Big Horn Ball Bratz, 5/6th- Highrun All 4 Fun, 5/6th- Sideliner’s Black Ball Down

The Winners of the 1st Monday Night League monthly Tournament were:

Division #1 : 1st – Drake Dukes of Earl, 2nd- Knight’s Shooters, 3rd – Casselwood Jokers, 4th- B.P. (Fort Road) Spoilers, 5th/6th- Topshots Rack Attack, 5/6th- Highrun Crazy 8’s

Division #2 : 1st- Newcastle Bratz, 2nd- B.P. (Fort Road) Stingers, 3rd- Highrun Chalk It Up, 4th- Newcastle Chalking Dead, 5th/6th- JT’s Banking & Spanking, 5/6th- Topshots 3 Dressed Up As a 9

Division #3 : 1st- Metro Living The Dream, 2nd- PM Sly On The 8-Ball, 3rd- Highrun Metal Maniacs, 4th- Mona Lisa’s Hitmen #3, 5th/6th- Mona Lisa’s Hitmen #1, 5/6th- Touchdown Insiders

Bob Myers Fall Classic Tournament

 The Winners of the Monday Night League Fall Classic Tournament were:

Division #1 : 1st – P.M. Aces, 2nd- Timeout Time Bombs, 3rd – Casselwood Jokers, 4th- Metro Trollops, 5th/6th- Highrun Moogles, 5/6th- Highrun Bullets, 7/8th- Highrun Revolution, 7/8th- Drake Dukes of Earl, 9-12th- Metro You There Yet, 9-12th- Highrun Patrol, 9-12th- Newcastle Bratz, 9-12th- Highrun Crazy 8’s

Division #2 : 1st- Newcastle Chalking Dead, 2nd- Highrun Chalk it Up, 3rd- BP (Fort Road) Stingers, 4th- Casselwood Gus and Us, 5/6th- Topshots 3 Dressed Up As a 9, 5/6th- Sherbrooke Lizards

Division #3 : 1st- Casselwood Last Call, 2nd- Chimmey’s Smokers, 3rd- Bonnie’s Outlaws, 4th- Touchdown Insiders, 5/6th- P.M. Sly on the 8-ball, 5/6th- Metro Living the Dream, 7/8th- Topshots Mischief Managed, 7/8th- Mona Lisa’s Hitmen #3

The winners of the Wednesday Fall Classic Tournament were:

Division #1 : 1st- Highrun FA Cues, 2nd- Finnagan’s Crusaders, 3rd- Finnagan’s Fanatics, 4th- Brick & Whiskey Dragons, 5/6th- Metro Madness, 5/6th- Chimmey’s Outsiders, 7/8th- Highrun Fantazsticks, 7/8th- Sideliners Outside Again, 9-12th- Finnagan’s La Raza,  9-12th- Metro Hooks & Crooks,, 9-12th- Newcastle Whipper Snappers, 9-12th- Finnagan’s Shooters

Division #2 : 1st- Highrun Beatniks, 2nd- Topshots Scottifiers, 3rd- Highrun Legends, 4th- Highrun Belvedere Mutts, 5/6th- Finnagan’s Hornets, 5/6th- Finnagan’s Rack Em’ & Kiss Off, 7/8th- Topshots 2-4’s, 7/8th- Sherbrooke Mafia

Division #3 : 1st- Bonnie’s Dirty Hookers, 2nd- JT’s Gus, Guys, & Gals, 3rd- Sideliner’s Black Ball Down, 4th- Highrun 8 Is Enough, 5/6th- Finnagan's Pretenders, 5/6th- Mona Lisa’s Hitmen #4, 7/8th- Highrun Oddballs, 7/8th- B-Street Ballers

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