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Welcome to Triple "E" where Billiards
has never been better.

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Welcome to our 23rd Season.  

Schedules and team and player stats are now posted. 

New !!! Please note: Player stats and Averages are listed under ERO leaders.

            The 1st Monthly Tournament for Wednesday Night play will be on December 6-7th. If your team has outstanding dues you will not be allowed to play.  Teams must have a minimum of 3 players with 50% (4 nights) and 2 players with 25% (2 nights) of the games played to be eligible to play in the tournament.  Pre-divisionalized nights of play are included for this tournament, only. Any players using pre-divisionalization stats to qualify will be given a 10.00 average.

Wednesday Night 1st Monthly Tournament: 

Division #2 will play on Dec. 7th @ Highrun, register before 9:45 am. 

Division #3 will play on Dec. 6th @ Finnaganís, register before 9:45 am. 

Division #4 will play on Dec. 6th @ Gateway Rec Center, register before 9:45 am.


Monday 1st Monthly Tournament Results:

Division #2 : 1st Ė Finnagan's Fanatics, 2nd- Metro Spin Doctors, 3rd Ė Finnagan's Rack Em' & Kiss Off, 4th- Highrun Professors, 5th/6th- Highrun Shooting Banks, 5/6th- Finnagan's Rack Attack

Division #3 : 1st- Timeout Time Bombs, 2nd- Mona Lisa's Swamp Rats, 3rd- Highrun Scooby Doo's, 4th- Newcastle Sam's Cue, 5/6th- PM Bull Shooters, 5/6th- Finnagan's Storm

Monday Night Fall Classic Tournament Results:

Division #2 : 1st Ė Finnagan's Fanatics, 2nd- Highrun Artists, 3rd Ė Gateway RPM's, 4th- Newcastle Bratz, 5th/6th- Legends Rack & Roll, 5/6th- Metro Spin Doctors, 7/8th- Finnagan's Rack Em' & Kiss Off, 7/8th- Highrun Patrol

Division #3 : 1st- Drake Dukes of Earl, 2nd- Duster's Wolfpack, 3rd- Timeout Time Bombs, 4th- Castlewood Jokers, 5/6th- Mona Lisa's Swamp Rats, 5/6th- PM Bull Shooters, 7/8th- Metro Alberta Fatz, 7/8th- Dusterís Dawgs

Wednesday Night Fall Classic Tournament Results:

Division #2 : 1st- Highrun I'd Hit That, 2nd- Finnagan's No Nikos, 3rd- Highrun Fantazsticks, 4th- Metro Silver 5, 5/6th- Metro Sopranos, 5/6th- Highrun FA Cues, 7/8th- Timeout Tigers, 7/8th- Highrun Bullets, 9-12th- Metro Aces, 9-12th- Finnagan's Hornets, 9-12th- Finnaganís La Raza, 9-12th- Sideliner's Rattlers

Division #3 : 1st- Finnaganís Sure Shots, 2nd- Chimmey's Outsiders, 3rd- Metro Rat Pak, 4th- Finnaganís Karjakerz, 5/6th- Finnagan's Shooters, 5/6th- JT's 2-4's, 7/8th- Duster's Ball Busters, 7/8th- Highrun Whipper Snappers

Division #4 : 1st- Legends Odd Balls, 2nd- Sidelinerís Broken Cues, 3rd- Legends Longshots, 4th- Tumbleweeds Sly on the 8-ball, 5/6th- PM P's & Ques, 5/6th- Finnagan's Pretenders

If you are a location, team, or player that needs more information, click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page for directors info or please contact Alex at 780-288-7665.

All members should be notified that Jack's are Wild will be offering Triple "E" members 10% off the price of their billiard related purchases.

Tournament Results

Open Players List

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Our condolences go out to the family of Ian Turner. His teams played out of Sherlock Holmes (Capilano) up until this year when they switched to Bo' Diddly's.  Ian was well known for his sense of humor and sportsmanship  in Divisions #3 & 4. Ian was a member of the Board of Directors and helped contribute to grow the league. His contributions to the league, his team, family and all of his friends will be sadly missed. 

  Our condolences go out to the family of Bob Henderson. Bob Played the on the No Need To Brag team in Division #1. Always one of the most competitive teams winning numerous championships, Bob was a true champion in all aspects of his life. His contributions to the sport of pool, his team, family and all of his friends will be sadly missed. If friends so desire, donations may be made to the Make a Wish Foundation or other children's charity of their choice. Please see the attached link if you wish to send condolences. http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/can-edmonton/guestbook.aspx?n=robert-henderson&pid=153655427

   Our condolences go out to the family of Harold Angelvedt. Harold was our league accountant, Alberta Billiard & Snooker Association (ABSA) Director, and an active Triple "E" member since our inception.  He fought a long battle with cancer. Harold was the contributing sponsor of the Member of the Year Trophy. Harold was a regular finalist on the Top Ten list in Division #1.  His contributions as a mentor, teammate, and leader will be dearly missed. A memorial website has been set up in Harold's honor, please see the attached link if you wish to send condolences. http://gregoryfh.frontrunnerpro.com/runtime/28322/runtime.php?SiteId=28322&NavigatorId=148859&viewOpt=dpaneOnly&ItemId=605797&op=tributeMemorialCandles

   Our condolences go out to the family of David au Yong. David was our recipient of the "Member of the Year" award in 2009.  He was a regular at Boston Pizza (Glenora) and strong promoter of our league.   He played on both Monday and Wednesday Leagues, in Division #2 North. He fought a long battle with cancer.  David will be dearly missed as will his friendship, sportsmanship, humor and spirit for life.

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