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FYI News

     Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Richard Skelly. Rick played in our Division #2 for the Casselwood Gus & Us and Casselwood Pooligans.  Rick’s infectious smile, humour, and kind nature made him a great friend to all that knew him throughout the League.  Rick was taken from us way too soon and will be dearly missed.

Link to Rick's Obituary is listed below:


          Please note that we are switching over to the CompuSport scorekeeper system. There will be a transitional period for this year, with captains given packages with paper scoresheets as in previous years until the teams have adapted to the on-line sign-in. We have attached an introduction tutorial for all captains in this mailer. Captains should go to the app store and download the CompuSport app from Compusport.ca, signup, login to the CompuSport, look up Triple “E” Pool League, locate your team and assign a score keeper (there can be several). After you have completed these steps you should be able to access your schedules and matches. All matches must be filled out by the home team, who will complete the match, a copy is sent to the Visiting captain for approval and must be approved by 10am the following day at the latest. Please remember to indicate funds paid and turn in your hard copy with the money envelope.  Stats will be updated as scoresheets are approved. If you are having concerns logging in, please contact Alvin Hersey @ 780-717-5383.

Here are the tools I have for scorekeepers.

Youtube videos to show how to sign up as a scorekeeper and attachments for written steps.


How to Download the App


How to Create an Account


How to Follow a Player/Receive Notifications


Manage your Follows


How to Sign up as a Scorekeeper



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If you are a location, team, or player that needs more information, click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page for directors info or please contact:
Alex at 780-288-7665.

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Please check out our new Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/groups/249323065443686/

Also, check out our new online store for Triple "E" merchandise at: www.tripleepool.logoshop.com (jackets, hoodies, & caps).

It is our 27th Season!  

 Welcome to our 2018-19 Season.  There have been changes to the schedules, please use the revised schedules #24.  Please complete all make-up matches ASAP. Teams that do not have their matches completed by April 3rd will receive zero points.

The CompuSport site is now up and running, so go to https://compusport.ca and look up Triple "E" Pool League to locate your teams schedule. Please look under FYI News for info and YouTube tutorial videos (Left-hand side of this page).

All captains should be signed up as scorekeepers on the compusport site.

Please note that the scoresheets  should be filled out by 6:50pm and matches need to start on time at 7pm. Handicaps are now in use. Any players that have not played will be a 10 average when they start.

Updated Schedule #24 is now posted. Click on to SCHEDULE . If you are having trouble viewing, please hit the refresh key. To view the Tournament Dates click on TOURNAMENTS . If you have any questions contact Alex @ 780-288-7665.

Team & Player statisics for the 2018-19 season are posted. Click on to STATISTICS .

When adding new players, please ensure that they have been approved by the board. Captains should call in before 6:30pm on the night of League play at the latest to get approval. Adding players that are ranked in other leagues may require a longer approval, so captains should plan in advance to ensure that this does not affect the approval process. Contact Alex at 780-288-7665.

Upcoming Tournaments:

Year-end Tournament - Teams need a minimum of 3 players with 10 nights of play and 2 players withs 5 nights of play after divisionalization.

Please note that:

Tournaments at Topshots and Metro the doors open at 10am, Register by 10:30am, Start @ 10:45am.

Tournaments at Finnagan's and Highrun the doors open at 9am, Register by 9:45am, Start @ 10am.

Monday Night Year-end Tourney - April 6th (click link on the day of the tournament)

April 6th - Division #1 @ Topshots- http://div01.challonge.com/div1apr062019

April 6th - Division #2 @ Highrun - http://div2.challonge.com/div2apr062019

April 6th - Division #3 @ Finnagan's  - http://div3.challonge.com/div3apr062019

Wednesday Night Year-end Tourney - April 7th (click link on the day of the tournament)

April 7th - Division #1 @ Highrun- http://div01.challonge.com/div1apr072019

April 7th - Division #2 @ Topshots - http://div2.challonge.com/div2apr072019

April 7th - Division #3 @ Finnagan's - http://div3.challonge.com/div3apr072019

 The Dennis Dutton Memorial Tournament, formally known as the Rocky Mountain Team Challenge Tournament (Triple “E” vs. BC) will be @ Topshots on April 19th & 20th  (Easter Weekend). Play starts Friday at 6:00pm & Saturday at 10:00am. Teams will play a round-robin on Friday (3 matches) and be divisionalized for play for Saturday. You do not have to play with your regular team. Entry fee is $150 per team. Maximum of 32 Teams.

Tournament Results for the 2018-19 Season:

Wednesday Night 3rd Monthly Tourney - (click link)

March 3rd - Division #1 @ Topshots http://div01.challonge.com/div1mar032019

March 9th   - Division #2 @ Highrun http://div2.challonge.com/div2mar092019

March 9th   - Division #3 @ Topshots- http://div3.challonge.com/div3mar092019

Division #1: 1st – Metro Blues, 2nd- Topshots FA Cues, 3rd – Topshots Fantazsticks, 4th- Metro Wolverines, 5th/6th- Metro Ballz “N” All, 5/6th- Topshots Whipper Snappers

Division #2: 1st- Finnagan’s Rack Em’ & Kiss Off, 2nd- Highrun Beatniks, 3rd- Goodfellows Sure Shot Mob, 4th- Horse Shu Ringers, 5th/6th- Duster’s Cree Shots, 5/6th- Topshots Scottifiers

Division #3: 1st- Topshots Gus’ Guys & Gals, 2nd- Highrun Hightimez & Goodtimez, 3rd- Finnagan’s Pretenders, 4th- Timeout Last Call, 5th/6th- Topshots Calk is Cheap, 5/6th- JT’s Beer Brothers

Monday Night 3rd Monthly Tourney - (click link)

February 24th - Division #1 @ Highrun http://div01.challonge.com/div1feb242019

February 23rd  - Division #2 @ Topshots http://div2.challonge.com/div2feb232019

February 23 - Division #3 @ Finnagans- http://div3.challonge.com/div3feb232019

Division #1: 1st – Topshots Rack Attack, 2nd- Highrun Professors, 3rd – Topshots Aces, 4th- Finnagan's Fanatics, 5th/6th- Highrun Shooting Banks, 5/6th- Highrun Moogles

Division #2: 1st- Highrun Money Shots, 2nd- Topshots Metal Maniacs, 3rd- Timeout Breaking Bad, 4th- Highrun Chalk It Up, 5th/6th- Metro Spin Doctors, 5/6th- Topshots Bratz

Division #3: 1st- Finnagan's Straight Shooters, 2nd- Topshots 2-4’s, 3rd- Mona Lisa’s Insiders, 4th- Brick & Whiskey Chick N' Dicks

Wednesday Night 2nd Monthly Tourney - (click link)

January 27th - Division #1 @ Topshots- http://div01.challonge.com/div1jan272019

January 26th- Division #2 @ Highrun- http://div2.challonge.com/div2jan262019

January 26th - Division #3 @ Finnagan's- http://div3.challonge.com/div3jan262019

Division #1: 1st – Metro Vipers, 2nd- Casselwood Yellowbellies, 3rd – Topshots Mad Hatters, 4th- Brick & Whiskey Wanderers, 5th/6th- Topshots Fantazsticks, 5/6th- Metro Wolverines

Division #2: 1st- Finnagan’s Shooters, 2nd- Topshots Super Deadly, 3rd- Sherbrooke Mafia, 4th- PM Night Hawks, 5th/6th- Goodfellows Sure Shot Mob, 5/6th- Topshots Dead Pool

Division #3: 1st- Casselwood Northside Hookers, 2nd- Christophers Charlies Angels, 3rd- JT’s Beer Brothers, 4th- Highrun Hightimez & Goodtimez, 5th/6th- B-Street Men With Ballz, 5/6th- B-Street Ball Bangers

Monday Night 2nd Monthly Tourney - (click link)

January 20th - Division #1 @ Topshots- http://div01.challonge.com/div1jan202019

January 19th- Division #2 @ Finnagan's- http://div2.challonge.com/div2jan192019

January 19th - Division #3 @ Metro- http://div3.challonge.com/div3jan192019

Division #1: 1st – Norwood Legion Chalk is Cheap, 2nd- Drake Dukes of Earl, 3rd – Topshots Aces, 4th- Highrun Patrol, 5th/6th- Bighorn Bullshitters, 5/6th- Highrun Professors

Division #2: 1st- B.P.(Fort Road) Stingers, 2nd- Finnagan’s Real Raza, 3rd- Topshots Bratz, 4th- Highrun Chalk It Up, 5th/6th- Mona Lisa’s Hitmen #1, 5/6th- Metro Get “M” In

Division #3: 1st- Topshots Ball Busters, 2nd- Topshots 2-4’s, 3rd- Casselwood Clean Up Crew, 4th- Touchdown Scorers, 5th/6th- Mona Lisa’s Insiders

2019 Singles Tournament - (click link)

January 12th - Division # 1 @ Topshots- http://div01.challonge.com/div1jan122019

January 12th - Division # 2 @ Highrun- http://div2.challonge.com/div2jan122019

January 12th - Division # 3 @ Finnagan's- http://div3.challonge.com/div3jan122019

Division #1- 1st – Khaled (Kelly) Albitar, 2nd – Allen Tegankamp, 3rd – Fred Chartrand, 4th – Chris Sanderson, 5-6th – Ray MacDonald & Napolean Richard, 7-8th – Orville Wanechko & Mick Enzie, 9-12th – Francisco Penate, Matt Bakalech, Rolando Alejandre, & Dustin Taylor, 13-16th – Preston White, Laura-Lea Thompson, Don Sinclair, Bill Smith

Division #2- 1st – Jeff St.John, 2nd – Bob Hemmings, 3rd – William Williams, 4th – James Rowles, 5-6th – Hari Zlatarevic & Darrell Tymchyshyn,7-8th – Peter Wong & Ryan Rywak,9-12th – Serge Khvoinov, Darren Plunkie, Pedro Gonzalez, & Sheila Grandbois, 13-16th – Barry Morley, Omar Argueta, Carey Lewis,& Ron Richard

Division #3- 1st – Sal Kaawach, 2nd – Dean Schlosser, 3rd – Antonio Diala, 4th – Hart Wollenburg, 5-6th – Daryl Clouston & Adam Weigel, 7-8th – Greg Weiss & Nadine Parke, 9-12th – Duncan Swain, Nick Haywood, Cory Watson, & Brent Ireland

Wednesday Night  1st Monthly Tourney - (click link)

December 2nd - Division #1 @ Highrun http://div01.challonge.com/div1dec022018

December 1st  - Division #2 @ Topshots http://div2.challonge.com/div2dec012018

December 1st  - Division #3 @ Finnagan's- http://div3.challonge.com/div3dec012018

Division #1: 1st- Topshots No Shoot For You, 2nd- Timeout Pro Rookies,3rd- TopshotsWhipper Snappers, 4th- Topshots FA Cues, 5/6th- Metro Wolverines, 5/6th- Topshots Mad Hatters

Division #2:1st- Topshots BB's, 2nd-Highrun Belvedere Mutts, 3rd- Sherbrooke Mafia, 4th- Christopher's Devils of the Felt, 5/6th-Topshots Scottifiers, 5/6th-Topshots 3-4’s

Division #3:1st- Topshots Chalk is Cheap, 2nd- Highrun 8 is Enough, 3rd-Topshots Gus' Guys & Gals, 4th-Christopher’s Charlie’s Angels,5/6th- Highrun Hightimez & Goodtimez, 5/6th-J.T’s No Talent Cues

Monday Night 1st Monthly Tourney - Results - (click link)

November 18th - Division #1 @ Highrun http://div01.challonge.com/div1nov182018

November 17th - Division #2 @ Topshots http://div2.challonge.com/div2nov172018

November 17th - Division #2 @ Metro http://div3.challonge.com/div3nov172018

Division #1 : 1st – Sherbrooke We Got The Runs, 2nd- Highrun Bullets, 3rd – Topshots Rack Attack, 4th- Finnagan's Fanatics, 5th/6th- Metro Trollops, 5/6th- Topshots Rogues

Division #2 : 1st- Metro Get "M" In, 2nd- Highrun Chalk it Up, 3rd- Metro Spin Doctors, 4th- Topshots Bratz, 5/6th- Casselwood Gus & Us, 5/6th- Topshots Goodfellas

Division #3 : 1st- Topshots Living the Dream, 2nd- Mona Lisa’s Insiders, 3rd- Topshots 2-4's, 4th- Brick & Whiskey Chick N Dicks, 5/6th- Touchdown Scorers

2018 - Monday Night Fall Classic Tourney - Results: (click link)

Division # 1  - Highrun http://div01.challonge.com/div1oct132018

Division #2  - Topshots http://div2.challonge.com/div2oct132018

Division #3  - Finnagans http://div3.challonge.com/div3oct132018

Division #1 : 1st – Drake Dukes of Earl, 2nd- Topshots Rack Attack, 3rd – Finnagans Trophy Wives, 4th- Metro Trollops, 5th/6th- Metro Hooks & Crooks, 5/6th- Highrun Bullets, 7/8th- Highrun Patrol, 7/8th- Norwood Chalk is Cheap, 9-12th- Bighorn Bullshitters, 9-12th- P.M. Aces, 9-12th- Topshots Rogues, 9-12th- Topshot Goodfellows

Division #2 : 1st- Sherbrooke We Got the Runs, 2nd- Finnagans Real Raza, 3rd- Highrun Chalk it Up, 4th- Metro Get "M" In, 5/6th- BP (Fort Road) Stingers, 5/6th- Topshot Bratz, 7/8th- Topshots Metal Maniacs, 7/8th- Mona Lisa’s Hitmen #1

Division #3 : 1st- Casselwood Gus and Us, 2nd- Topshots Living the Dream, 3rd- Mona Lisa’s Insiders, 4th- Touchdown Scorers, 5/6th- Topshots 2-4's, 5/6th- Horseshu Shu Crew, 7th- Casselwood Clean Up Crew

2018 - Wednesday Night  Fall Classic Tourney - Results: (click link)

Division # 1 @ Topshots - http://div01.challonge.com/div1oct142018

Division #2 @ Highrun - http://div2.challonge.com/div2oct142018

Division #3 @ Finnagans - http://div3.challonge.com/div3oct142018

Division #1 : 1st- Topshots FA Cues, 2nd- Topshots Dead Stroke, 3rd- Finnagan’s Avengers, 4th- Metro Wolverines, 5/6th- Metro Vipers, 5/6th- Topshots No Shoot For You, 7/8th- Topshots Mad Hatters, 7/8th- Casselwood Yellowbellies, 9-12th- Metro Ballz "N" All, 9-12th- Chimmey’s Outsiders,, 9-12th- Topshots Fantazsticks, 9-12th- Topshots Whipper Snappers

Division #2 : 1st- Topshots Super Deadly, 2nd- Dusters Cree Shots, 3rd- Highrun Beatniks, 4th- Topshots BB's, 5/6th- Topshots Deadpool, 5/6th- Topshots Chalk This, 7/8th- Knights Ballers, 7/8th- Finnagan’s Rack Em’ & Kiss Off, 9-12th- B-Street Ball Bangers,  9-12th- Sherbrooke Mafia, 9-12th- P.M. Night Hawks, 9-12th- Brick & Whiskey Wanderers

Division #3 : 1st- Christopher's Devils of the Felt, 2nd- Topshots Chalk is Cheap, 3rd- Topshots Gus' Guys & Gals, 4th- Topshots 3-4's, 5/6th- B-Street Men With Ballz, 5/6th- Finnagan's Pretenders, 7/8th- Highrun Hightimez & Goodtimez, 7/8th- Goodfellow's Gangsters