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Welcome to the Triple "E" Pool League

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If you are a location, team, or player that needs more information, click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page for directors info or please contact:
Alex at 780-288-7665.


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Our most valued resource is our people. Our commitment is to become the league of choice. If you are interested in joining our team.....

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It is our 25th Season!  

2016-17 Season info listed below.

New schedules are now posted. Click on to SCHEDULE to find your Division. Play will resume on October 23rd & 25th with teams divisionalized for the remainder of the season.

Teams will be divisionalized according to pre-season play, Fall Classic results, past performance, and overall strength of your team in relation to the rest of the league.

There will be some changes this season.

1) Monday night will now have both Division #3 & #4, which will play Citywide. 

2) Division #3 on both Monday & Wednesday nights will be using a 25 game format and Division #4 will remain with a 15 game format.

Monday Night Fall Classic Tourney - Results: (click link)

Division #2

Division #3

Division #2 : 1st Ė Highrun Patrol, 2nd- Finnaganís Fanatics, 3rd Ė Chimmeyís Hit Me With Your Best Shot, 4th- Legendís Sharp Shooters, 5th/6th- Metro Spin Doctors, 5/6th- Highrun Rookies, 7/8th- Metro Trollops, 7/8th- Casselwood Cuesaders, 9-12th- Highrun Crazy 8ís, 9-12th- Drake Dukes of Earl, 9-12th- Newcastle Bratz, 9-12th- Metro Mad Hatters

Division #3 : 1st- Dusterís Insiders, 2nd- JTís Bankin & Spankin, 3rd- Highrun Rail Riders, 4th- Highrun Metal Maniacs, 5/6th- Mona Lisaís Hitmen #2, 5/6th- Casselwood Jokers, 7/8th- Mona Lisaís Hitmen #1, 7/8th- Highrun Chalking Dead


Wednesday Night  Fall Classic Tourney - Results: (click link)

Division #2

Division #3

Division #4

Division #2 : 1st- Finnaganís La Raza, 2nd- Timeout Tigers, 3rd- Finnaganís Karjakerz, 4th- Highrun FA Cues, 5/6th- Highrun Fantazsticks, 5/6th- Big Horn Phantoms, 7/8th- Finnaganís Rack & Roll, 7/8th- Metro Whipper Snappers, 9-12th- Finnaganís Hooks & Crooks, 9-12th- Highrun Bullets, 9-12th- Metro Mafia, 9-12th- Finnaganís Crusaders

Division #3 : 1st- B.P. (Fort Road) Stingers, 2nd- Gallagherís Wanderers, 3rd- JTís Gus, Guys, & Gals, 4th- Newcastle Scottifiers, 5/6th- Highrun All for Fun, 5/6th- Finnaganís Shooters, 7/8th- Highrun Kickers, 7/8th- Casselwood Pooligans

Division #4 : 1st- Highrun 8 Is Enough, 2nd- Bonnie's Clydes, 3rd- Finnagan's Pretenders, 4th- Highrun Chalk is Cheap, 5/6th- Sidelinerís Black Ball Down, 5/6th- Metro Ballz ďNĒ All, 7/8th- PM Pís & Ques, 7/8th- Highrun Hustlers


Tips and Tricks
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